Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy Treatment

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This  at home kit has been modified to ensure a safe, easy and effective home skin treatment. This will amplify your skins health, quality and luminosity and is an exceptional treatment for those concerned with optimal ageing and maintaining a youthful appearance. 


Kit Contains:

Cosmedix Benefit Clean Cleanser (1)
Cosmedix Pure Enzymes Chemical Exfoliation (1)
Societe Peptide Rejuvenating Mask (1)

Single Use Gold Plated Needling Device (1)

Single use Isopropyl Alcohol wipe

Single use blunt drawing up needle

Mesotherapy Amplue (1)


Please note your choice of ampule:


  • 20% Vitamin C Ampule (5ml) - Protects against the oxidative damage from UV exposure. Has the ability to brighten the skin and stimulate new collagen production. Best suited to those concerned with photo- ageing, pigmentation or skin dullness.

  • Centella Ampule (2ml) - Stimulates collagen and improves cell turnover, repairing damaged cells. Best suited to those concerned with scars, cellulite or irritated and damaged skin.

  • Cosmeretin Ampule (2ml) - Stimulates fibroblasts and inhibits collagen breakdown. Maintains the strength and integrity of skin cells. Suitable for those concerned with photo-ageing, fine lines and stretch marks.

  • Organic Silicon Regenerating 1% Ampule (5ml) - Assists in the restructuring of the skin by stimulating the production of new collagen & elastin. Suitable for ageing skin and stretch marks.


*This home kit comes with instructions on how to use.