Vasular Therapy

Vascular Therapy

We primarily treat superficial vascular concerns of the face such as dilated telangiectasia and cherry angioma. Our team will refer to preferred specialists when further input is needed. 

As with many of the treatment recommendations, a combination of treatments may be required for optimal results.

Please note that the below is a reference point and full treatment recommendations will be made following a consultation. 


  • Ultralux Light Vascular Therapy

The Ultralux light energy which is converted to heat and absorbed by haemoglobin (colour red). This is part of the fine broken blood vessels which appear as telangiectasia, cherry angiomas, redness and flushing. The light then damages the target and eliminates it from the skin. This is an excellent treatment for redness, flushing and vascular lesions such as spider veins and visible blood vessels (fine).



  • Vascular Therapy Micro Needling with Centella Asiatica

The infusion of certain solutions into the skin can disrupt the blood vessel walls leading to strengthen and prevent breakages or blockages causing the appearance of vascular lesions