Consultation & Facial Treatments


At Cove you are truely in the best hands, with the most experienced Cosmetic Nurses and Dermal Therapists performing your treatments with award winning, results driven Cosmeceutical Skin Care as well as Medical Grade Devices, so that you are going to see the results you can only dream of!

We suggest starting with a consultation which can be performed either alone or with a treatment as suggested by your therapist on the day, we work very progressively and ensure your skin health is our top priority, therefor we do not treat outside our parameters. Each session we will re analyse and always treat to how your skin is presenting.

Unsure where to start? Give us a call or book in for a consultation and we will guide you from there.

​Consultation $80

At Cove we provide a comprehensive consultation which is required prior to an initial treatment. We cover a wide range os aspects that help us better determine the best route for your best outcomes. All skin consultations will include a comprehensive Skin Skin on the latest analysis device the Observ 520x. Allowing us to track progression of your results as well as see much deeper in the skin to provide the most effective in clinic journey and home care routine.

Bespoke Facial $149 
A bespoke treatment, individualised for general skin concerns and suitable for a skin that requires a deep clean and mild exfoliation. With no down time this gentle yet effective treatment is a perfect introduction into cosmeceutical skin care and active treatments. An ideal ‘freshen up’ treatment to leave the skin feeling fresh and healthy. Suitable for all skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding. Minimal to no down time. 45-60min

Signature HydraFacial $199

Add on custom boosters from *$29

Providing deep cleaning, exfoliation, extracting AND hydration. This treatment is suitable for most skin types. HydraFacial is a leading device to provide great results for all. With one of a kind vortex fusion technology, this treatment also infuses a personalized cocktail into the lower layers helping to refine and protect. Suitable for clients with blackheads and open pores, uneven tone and texture, dehydration and congestion with sluggish skin. Suitable for most skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding (the treatment can be slightly altered). Minimal to no down time. 45-60min​ 

Dermaplaning $149 
Added onto other treatments $59 
This treatment is a safe, non-invasive way to remove dead cell build up providing gentle exfoliation and most commonly used to remove ‘peach fuzz’ hair. Improving skin texture, lightening uneven tone and allowing better product penetration. Suitable for most skin types and perfect in preparation for an event as makeup sits flawlessly.Suitable for all skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding. Minimal to no down time. 45-60min​ 

Oxygen Therapy $199 
​A powerful treatment improving multiple concerns, making this suitable for all skins. Significant increase in circulation and cell communication, this treatment penetrates below the superficial layer and flush’s capillaries’ getting rid of free radical damage that causes a fatigued, dull appearance while strengthening capillary walls to reduce redness, breakouts, rosacea and toxins which cause premature ageing, loss in laxity and exhausted skin. This is a fantastic starter treatments as Societe's Oxygen Therapy helps to build up the skin, restore it and repair an impaired or damaged/ sensitive skin. Suitable for all skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding. Minimal to no down time. 45-60min

Dermaquest Enzymatic Skin Tightening Treatment $199

Dermaquest Enzyme Therapy can be quite unlike anything else, an intensive skin tightening treatment, during this process the skin goes through a reverse osmosis action which helps transport any waste to the lymphatic system. Encouraging fresh, oxygenated skin to flush any inconsistencies such as breakouts and sluggish skin. *Not suitable for anyone claustrophobic. Suitable for all skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding. Minimal to no down time. 45-60min

Cove Signature Facial $219

Our Cove Signature Facial combines a perfect blend of results as well as relaxation, this treatment includes a customised peel, extractions if necessary Omnilux LED as well as customised mask to best suit your skin and concerns this treatment is completely altered and tailored to YOU! 

Suitable for all skin types including pregnancy and breast feeding. Minimal to no down time. 60-75min

Beauty Essentials:

Eye Enhancements:

Eyelash Tint $30                                                      

Eyebrow Tint $20                    

Hybrid Brow Dye $45

Hybrid Lash Dye $45                                                                                  

Henna Brow $60

​Brow Lamination $100

Keratin Lash Lift $85

Hair Removal: Waxing

Eyebrow $25                                                                 

Lip $15                                                                                 

Chin $10                                                                                       

Sides of Face $20

Underarm $30                                                                      

Half Arm $30                                                                        

Full Arm $40                                                                                                                                                

Half Leg $45                                                                          

Full Leg $55                                                                       

Bikini $40                                                                                                                                                

Brazilian  $65