Advanced Dermal Treatments


At Cove you are truly in the best hands, with the most experienced Cosmetic Nurses and Dermal Therapists performing your treatments with award winning, results driven Cosmeceutical Skin Care as well as Medical Grade Devices, so that you are going to see the results you can only dream of!

We suggest starting with a consultation which can be performed either alone or with a treatment as suggested by your therapist on the day, we work very progressively and ensure your skin health is our top priority, therefor we do not treat outside our parameters. Each session we will re analyze and always treat to how your skin is presenting.

Unsure where to start? Give us a call or book in for a consultation and we will guide you from there


Cutera Excel V Laser

Our latest device and the most effective at that! The Cutera Excel V is the latest, highest grade, Medical Laser on the market. Able to suit a wide range on skin concerns and conditions. The Excel V is a non-ablative laser meaning it will cause no damage to the surface of the skin but bypass the top layer and treat sub-dermally.

It's a fast and easy way to treat visible veins, skin discolouration such as redness and pigment as well as many other concerns such as:

  • Rosacea
  • Spider and reticular veins
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Age spots and pigmentation
  • Broken capillaries
  • Red spots/ Cherry Angiomas 
  • Poikladerma
  • Keratosis
  • Uneven texture and large pores
  • Sun damage
  • Solar Lentigos
  • Red and purple stretch marks

And so many more!

Laser Genesis $350 Inc Full Face & Neck, $399 Inc Décolletage.

Full Face & Neck: 4 Sessions $1300, 6 Sessions $1900

Full Face, Neck & Décolletage: 4 Sessions $1490

Laser Genesis is a globally known and recognized treatment, fantastic in ‘clearing the canvas’ this treatment stimulates collagen from the deepest layers in the skin making it the ultimate anti age and rejuvenation treatment. Laser Genesis perfects everything on this skin and can treat from redness, mild rosacea, pigmentation, skin tone, pores to skin laxity. Generally a course of 4-6 is suggested. Minimal down time and no discomfort.

Spot Treating with CoolView- Excel V.

Pricing varies from $50-$400. Consultation is required prior treating and a DR referral may be required. Hands $199

Ranging from 5-60 minutes, this session is a great option for people wanting to spot-treat their issues such as broken capillaries, age spots, visible veins, poikladerma on the chest, rosacea, sun damage and so many more. Many clients see a difference in just one session, but it can take a few sessions depending on your concern. There may be some downtime and discomfort associated with this treatment depending on the condition being treated. 

Venus Viva MD 

Full Face & Neck $499

Full Face, Neck & Decollatage $599

The Venus Viva MD is an advanced, non-surgical ablative treatment for skin resurfacing that works to improve the overall texture of the skin by complete collagen and tissue remodeling. It combines Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency (RF) technology, to deliver total skin rejuvenation and remodeling. Making this treatment the perfect, most advanced protocol for scarring, wrinkles, glycation and more! There may be some mild discomfort and down time associated with this treatment. Topical anesthetic can be used to minimize discomfort. Treatments spaced 4 weeks apart for best results. 


Omnilux MD LED Light Therapy $119

Added onto another treatment for $69

Omnilux is the leading medical grade LED light therapy. It is a completely non-invasive treatment that bypasses the epidermal top layer of skin to work deeper in the dermal layers. Omnilux sessions take 20-30 minutes and have no down time.

Accelerating the effectiveness of other skin treatments as well as working stand alone to treat all skin types. Completely non-invasive

Omnilux Revive- Red light therapy stimulating cellular activity, leading to greater tissue oxygenation, breaks down pigment strictures to help internally reduce pigment, helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles an increase our skins own natural hydration process.

Omnilux Plus- Near infared light therapy treats to the deepest layers of the skin, repairing damaged cells, healing scarring or wounds and acne makes this very effective for anyone with breakout prone skin, or maturing sluggish skin.


Dermapen 4 $349 Inc Full Face & Neck or $399 inc Décolletage 

Dermapen is the highest standard of Skin Needling on the market, this is an advanced skin revision treatment and the skin will need prior preparation. Dermapen4 needling can be used to treat scarring, tone and texture in the skin, pigmentation and age concerns. Downtime can vary anywhere between 24 hours-72 hours. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding patients.

MPen Micro Needling $299 Inc Full Face & Neck or $399 inc Décolletage. $329inc Vascular Ampule.

Micro needling can be a much less invasive form of needling to the Dermapen4, creating micro channels in the skin to bring forward the skins healing ability to help break down pigmentation, signs of ageing and improve overall appearance and mild breakouts that skin stubborn below the skin. While still requiring prior preparation, this treatment has much less down time usually up to 24 hours and suitable for most skin types. Safe for pregnancy & Breast Feeding


Aqua Gold Mesotox $499, Golden Cocktail $399

AquaGold is the only device that can safely deliver active ingredients into the dermal layers of the skin making this a great multi-treat! With 24K Gold Micro Needles delivering the same effects of Micro Needling with minimal down time aswell as custom solutions that can be delivered into all layers of the skin.

MesoTox: Using the same neuro-transmitting blockers as wrinkle relaxers, this vial is gently delivered into the skin to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as prolong the life of any injectables in the muscle. MesoTox can smooth the overall appearance.This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding patients.

Golden Cocktail: With a blend of anti-aging peptide, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides, this blend of ingredients help improve the skins overall tone, texture and hydration.This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding patients.


Corrective Treatments / Peels.
Corrective treatments are your effective, faster, more active response designed to treat, remove or improve the skin.

Depending on the peel treated, skin preparation will be required and down time will vary from 24hours- 4/5 days. You will be instructed of aftercare post treatment.

Level 1 Corrective Treatment/ Peel


Lactic/ Glycolic/ Salicylic/ Mandelic/ Peruvic $139

Mesopeels, having a single structure ingredient to directly target and pinpoint the concern at hand, able to customize  and spot treat different areas of concern with different ingredients and % of the peels. Ideal for a wide range of concerns to gently penetrate and target the skin with minimal down time

Modified Jessners Peel $179

The perfect 'party prep' peel, this peel gently but effectively brightens, hydrates and resurfaces the skin leaving it fresh and glowing instantly with minimal down time, making this ideal in preparation for an event

PCA Pumpkin Peel $179

Combines exfoliating pumpkin enzymes and salicylic acid along with a host of antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients to address textured skin with some mild congestion, leaving a healthy complexion following treatment. 

Cosmedix Blueberry Antioxidant $139
This is an ideal introductory treatment, gentle but still very effective, combining a high potency of antioxidants and lactic extracts helping remove dead cell matter build up, congestion and breakout prone skins while correcting and refining while increasing moisture levels in the skin. Revealing healthy and well balanced, smoother texture
Cosmedix Pomegranate Peel $169
A perfect ‘pick me up’ for all skins, conditions and concerns. This is an antioxidant treatment designed to remove and rebuild superficial epidermal layers while flushing free radicals caused from environmental factors and UV damage while hydrating. This is a great party prep peel that will leave your skin smooth and glowy with minimal downtime. *Add the hydro jelly mask on this for an ultra deluxe experience!
Level 2 Corrective Treatment/ Peel

Cosmedix Purity Peel $179
A stronger treatment to decongest epidermal congestion, acne prone and oily skin, helping refine pores and detox harmful waste and bacteria that contributes to imperfections. One of the only treatments with a higher percentage of salicylic to break through oil and neutralise below the superficial layers resulting in better response to reduction in congestion. This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding patients.

PCA Skin Perfecting Peel $179
A perfecting treatment targeted on sensitive, rosacea and delicate skins, while helping remove imperfections like mild breakouts, age concerns and mild pigmentation. This all-round treatment corrects, flush’s and restores barrier function to reduce imperfections and sensitivity leaving the skin fresh and clear, this can be great for treating hormonal breakouts! This treatment is safe for pregnant or breast feeding patients.

Cosmedix Benefit Brighten $199
An all-purpose brightening and renewing treatment to resurface, correct and protect the skin with a combination of potent ingredients such as APG retinol and L-Ascorbic (Vitamin A& C) removing imperfections like fine lines, pigmentation and superficial impurities.This treatment is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding patients.

Level 3 Corrective Treatment/ Peel
*All level 3 treatments will require at home skin preparation and prior treatment.
*These are not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding clients.

Cosmedix Timeless Peel (High potency Vit A) $209
This is a potent age and pigmentation treatment, visibly reducing lines, wrinkles and pigmentation to drastically reduce signs of ageing and slow the age process. While conducting intercellular cell communication to reduce dysfunctions in the lower layers in the skin as well as superficially promoting optimal cell reproduction and health. With powerful results there may be slight downtime of redness, dry flaking epidermal layers and pinpointed flushing.

Mesoestetic Mesoeclat Anti-Age System $229
The ultimate age rejuvenation and renew process, this treatment penetrates into the mid-epidermal layers and lifts, helping to push out dysfunctions such as fine lines, superficial scarring, mild pigmentation and age concerns which often cause the skin to look flat, fatigued and dehydrated. Fighting the age process, stimulating the natural defense acting directly on fatigued skin creating the optimal health and environment. This treatment will leave this skin feeling fresh, luminous and hydrated. With powerful results there may be slight downtime of redness, dry flaking epidermal layers and pinpointed flushing
Cosmedix Deep Sea Herbal $299
A potent herbal treatment, encouraging significant results and cell stimulation, by utilizing a manual form of exfoliation this treatment resurfaces the skin lifting away imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, any form of inflammatory pigmentation, uneven tone and texture with inconsistencies, deep pitted scarring. With powerful results there may be slight downtime of redness, dry flaking epidermal layers and pinpointed flushing

Cosmelan & Dermamelan Depigmentation System from $1600

Cosmelan & Dermamelan by Mesoesetetic® is the world’s leading treatment program that brightens and evens skin tone while preventing their reappearance. With an exclusive combination of active ingredients, they acts as an enzyme in the melanocyte to correct and regulate the production of melanin.

This inhibits the activation of tyrosinase and reduces the amount of melanin synthesised for skin that is visibly clearer, brighter and more radiant. The complete programme includes an intense in-clinic treatment which is then supported with a home skincare regime. There will be down time associated in this treatment. Consultation prior is essential to ensure this treatment is suitable.