Oxygen Therapy In A Nut-Shell

What is Oxygen Therapy?

A part of our 'essential Cove Skin Philosophy', Oxygen Therapy- which you may of heard of before, traditionally a machine that has a compressor that blows air topically onto your skin, while ours I can assure you is quite different.

Our Oxygen Therapy from Societe is a trans-formative therapy, this treatment is painless and effective for ALL skin types and has NO downtime (aside from some usual redness post treatment from increased circulation), we usually start our clients off on this treatment as its a great start to building and increasing the strength of your skin to tolerate some further more intense sessions. 

Post Treatment:

You can focus on keeping your skin hydrated (as always!) but now is the time to start strengthening your skin from home, so adding in some retionols for ageing, Vitamin C's for pigmentation etc while your skin will tollerate and accept it. Otherwise, no downtime for this treatment making it FAB pre-event!

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

1. While bacteria likes to live and breed in a dark and congested environment, oxygen comes through and flushes out anything in its path, clearing and decongestant the skin. 

2. Great for blocked, acne or breakout prone skin

2. Strengthens the skin topically and at a cellular layer, absoribing into the lower layers of the skin and strengthening capillery walls

3. As skin and capillary walls are strengthened this is great for sensitive skins and roscaea

4. Brightens any dull, stagnant skins 

5. Flush's toxins and detoxifys the skin

6. Delivers oxygen & nutrients to all layers of the skin, allowing it to function to its optimal level

7. Accelerates a healthy barrier and functioning

8. Minimizes tired & devitalized appearance 

9. Painless & NO down-time, making it quick but effective!

10. Great for all skin types, a skin perfecting treatment! Making it either a great starter treatment perfecter to normalise/ hydrate a dry skin/ sooth irritated skin/ regulate oily skin,  or whatever the concern is!