Pregnancy Skin

So, you get the exciting news that you are expecting.. now what?!

While it can be quite an overwhelming and confusing time during the start of your pregnancy, you may start to notice changes in your skin as well. What is safe to use? What treatments can I continue with?

Well your dermal therapist will guide you along with what to use and suggest what's best on your skin as it can vary so much between individuals and everyone's pregnancy journey is SO difference.


My pregnancy experience has been totally NOT what I expected. Some experience this beautiful 'glow', I have come to believe this is a myth and definitely not my experience. With the nausea, exhaustion, changes physically and mentally and then the skin! While some get the pigmentation (melasma), others flare up with dermatitis, I have got hormonal pregnancy acne! Yay!

While I haven't 'struggled' with my skin in years, this has definitely reminded me of how breakouts and changes in the skin can effect ones confidence and being so limited during pregnancy as to what products that can be used is a bit confusing.

Some said to me by the second trimester it would go, but my experience seems to be progressing getting worse, and while this is completely 'normal' to experience extreme changes in the skin and body during pregnancy it doesn't always make you feel better!

I have been treating my skin WEEKLY to try and combat this hormonal acne and have found a few things that have just worked miracles for me, until the next hormonal change anyway!

PCA Skin Perfecting Peel: This is a combo peel, with mandelic acid (working similarly to salicylic acid- which is not aloud) can help to penetrate the barrier and neutralize oil and bacteria, helping remove and reduce breakouts. Its also fantastic for those little 'lumps' under the skin to help break them down and exfoliate the skin to smooth it out. This peel is also very balancing and hydrating to prevent flaking and down time and its goal is to return your skin to its harmonious state. Any peel encourages exfoliation, so this has been great for that PIH (post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) which is the discoloration or scarring that can be left behind after a break out

SKIN NEEDLING: A mix between in clinic depth to stimulate my wound healing response to minimize a breakout's life, and keep somewhat on top of anti-age concerns and pore control, needling and at home skin needling (2-3x per week) to reduce redness, encourage healing and speed along the current breakouts, especially for those inflamed and irritated spots under the skin - this has been a savior!

LED: While laying under the Omnilux is a total luxury, at the moments its time I dont really have, I have the Omnilux Contour at home mask and have used that every.single.morning! That does a bit of everything, reduces scar tissue, encourages healing and is just pure goodness to the skin!


Having to avoid the two main ingredients used to treat breakouts it has been difficult but week by week I am keeping ontop of it!

While I show some vulnerable (very flattering...) photos below at some moments while my skin has been in the healing process, it can be hard to remember that this to will pass. Just keep consistent, you will have better days and weeks, it will all come right... eventually!