Essentials- Where to start?

Wanting to start a home care regime, but completely overwhelmed with choice and no idea where to start?

Ultimately there is no quick overnight fix or one magical serum that will answer all your prayers. Great skin requires consistency and outright dedication. 

To break it down, take away the confusion and give you a bite size, step by step guide to achieving radiant skin by focusing on the few simple steps and products needed in everyone’s skin care regime. 

Skin care does not need to be complicated. For all new skin care junkies and those seeking education about their products our recommendations are simple, and suitable for all skin types. From acne/congestion, pigmentation, sensitivity and ageing skin. 

The skin care non-negotiables I always recommend are as simple as A B C and can be as few as only 5 products!


First step is to say goodbye to the dreaded make up wipes. They do very little for your skin and if anything, strip back your skin’s natural oils and impair the skin’s barrier function. Barrier function describes the strength of your outer layers of skin and how well it’s protected from the external environmental factors, think of it like a brick wall reducing inflammation risks and skin sensitivity. 

Deciding between a cleanser is all a matter of personal preference but importantly want your skin desires. Different skin types often need different types of cleansers but know that your skin should never feel dry, tight or uncomfortable post cleansing. 

Foaming Cleansers: Are more suitable for an oily, breakout prone skin

Gel Cleansers: Suitable for most skins, as a gel is fantastic for removing dirts/ oils and makeup without stripping the skin, this is suitable for a normal to combination skin with more dehydrated tenancies

Oil Cleansers: Only suggested to be used as a first cleanse, needing to be followed by a second cleaning product, oil based cleansers are fantastic for anyone who may use more makeup and finds that their regular cleanser does not remove it well enough, even for an oily skin contrary to popular belief, adding an oil based product is very effective to an oily skin as only oil can penetrate oil (water cannot penetrate oil)

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is commonly known as Retinol is an exciting and results driven ingredient to add to your routine. Vitamin A’s impressive benefits are backed by scientific research and when applied to the skin is actually capable of reprogramming the skin’s cellular function! This makes it a suitable ingredient for many skin types and concerns.

Vitamin A works by helping to thicken the deeper layers of our skin by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin while also preventing collagen loss. Vitamin A helps to regulate the skin’s sebaceous glands (our skin’s oil producing glands) while speeding up the turnover of dead skin cells, encouraging and making way for fresh new skin cells, making it an essential ingredient when treating acne and congestion.

With so many different forms, delivery and products containing Vitamin A, the most suitable option is to speak to your dermal therapist and have them suggest one for you!

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B can come in different forms, B3 (Niacinamide) and B5 (Hyaluronic Acid)

Both ingredients within this group are partially known for their soothing , hydrating and healing properties.  

Extensive research shows Niacinamide works to protect our skin by supporting and strengthening keratin levels (cell protein) and repairing our skin's barrier function, mix this with its moisture retaining benefits and anti-inflammatory properties you’ve got the key ingredient to healthier and happier skin. Making Vitamin B an essential for all skin types, especially sensitive/ rosaces skin types!

Oily and congested skins can also reap the benefits of B Vitamins. B3 & B5 are a water soluble vitamin meaning they won’t dissolve in oil, helping to balance out overactive sebaceous activity and regulating your skin's oil production. Its anti-inflammatory properties also benefit acne by reducing redness and inflammation within any active acne breakout.

Due to its ability to increase collagen production and inhibit enzymes that produce pigment, Vitamin B also helps to treat pigmentation and brighten skin and which is why it has also found in many skin fabulous brightening products throughout our ranges.

I love a multi-use Vitamin B serum, that contains both Niacinamide

and Hyaluronic Acid, we love Cosmedix Surge and PCA B3 Brightening Serum for both multi use B Vitamin serums!

Vitamin C:

From boosting collagen production and enhancing anti-aging benefits to correcting dark spots,  Vitamin C is truly a skin loving vitamin, and a favourite of the skin vitamin family. 

As he human body is unable to produce its own Vitamin C and relies on obtaining it through nutrition and topical applications,  it is a super important step in your skincare routine.

Vitamin C, or L-Ascorbic Acid, containing products boast potent antioxidant power, protecting our skin from harsh environmental factors, neutralizing nasty free radicals and encouraging the skin's natural regeneration process. 

Vitamin C also contains properties that help inhibit overactive melanin production, which is what causes discolouration and uneven skin tone including dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

If uneven skin tone and pigmentation is an area of concern for you and you’re not currently using a Vitamin C based product, Why? 

L-Ascorbic acid is also essential when it comes to cross-linking/strengthening your skin’s collagen molecules. Working hard to reduce premature aging, glycation, fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a more radiant and youthful appearance.  Studies have also shown Vitamin C has the ability to protect the skin from damage caused by UV exposure, which is the single biggest cause of premature aging. 

We love Cosmedix Simply Brilliant and PCA C&E Advanced