Cosmelan/ Dermelan Depigmentation

Cosmelan / Dermamelan DePigmentation

The #1 pigmentation treatment worldwide removes 95% of epidermal pigment in a short period of time! This highly successful depigmentation program works on every form of pigmentation & is suitable for all skin tones.

Pigmentation in the form of sun damage, sun spots, and freckles can often be easily treated by a combination of skin care products and treatments. Hormonal pigmentation (melasma) can be much more difficult to treat and can often be made to look worse with some treatments. 
The condition can be debilitating and affect self esteem and confidence. Cosmelan is a new and safer alternative to other treatment modalities and can be used effectively in ALL types of pigmentation, restoring the skin to its natural condition with even tone and brightness. 

*Includes the initial Cosmelan Peel, 7 supportive homecare products and a follow up 

Requires a consultation to start

Cosmelan $1300

Dermamelan $1700 (30% stronger then Cosmelan)