While working with Acne, we believe is a holistic approach (meaning a lot of internal health matters can assist in the production of acne) we will run through what contributes to causes of ACNE and how to treat it!

What is ACNE?

There are actually lots of different causes of acne, most commonly - when the follicle is blocked with serum (OIL), dead cell build up,  dirt, sweat and even bacteria, this then allows the formation of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. Beyond this stage, these breakouts can turn cystic, when the pore becomes blocked underneath the skin causing inflammation and 'pain' in the blemish. 

If this sounds familiar, your objective is to reduce build up of dead skin cells so nothing can become trapped, we love:

Defy $105: This is a serum that can be used to gentle remove and exfoliate dead cell build up that can be used daily

Pure Enzymes $85: For an oiler, breakout prone and sluggish skin

Fruit Enzymes $62: For a much more sensitive, delicate breakout prone skin

We want to keep the skin clean from dirt and bacteria, we love:

Purity Clean $75: For a more oily skin

Benefit Clean $75: For a dryer skin with acne

While regulating the oil production and balancing dysfunctions with weekly at home treatments, we love:

Detox Mask $90: An exfoliating and detoxifying action to the skin, helping purify and refine the texture of the skin

Clear Mask $66: For active breakouts and cystic pimples, this clears and removes bacteria, helps calm inflammation and neutralise the imperfections

All of this while preventing stripping the skin keeping it hydrated to reduce inflammation, we love:

Surge $170: While treating hydration, this is a triple- action serum to hydrate, calm inflammation and reduce redness while having antioxidant protection to prevent breakouts returning

Reboot $65: This probiotic serum repairs the lining of the skin,  for those breakout prone but also sensitive and angry skins feeling tight and dehydrated

Internal Causes:

- Adrenal fatigue and accumulation of stress on the body - 'burning out' which can also be enhanced by caffeine, stimulants, energy drinks and even too much exercise 

- Imbalence from certain food triggering insulin response

- Contraception, either incorporating into your lifestyle or changing methods/ coming off

- Stress! This activates our 'fight or flight' mode, effecting cortisol levels which can raise testosterone, increased testosterone levels stimulate sebum (oil)

- Diet. Inflammatory foods such as a diet with high yeast, dairy and wheat all contribute and assist in the cause of a 'leaky gut' and imbalance or dysfunction internally, creating more inflammation and swelling internally which can cause those sore, inflamed breakouts!

- Medications which can block and alter hormones, wipe out our gut lining (probiotics) and disrupt health function of our organs.

SO, now we know and (hopefully) understand a little bit about what can cause a disruption internally, what can we do about it? Aside from trying to balance all the above functions we love Sarahs Day Body Bloom $67, this promotes healthy bacteria (microbiome) internally and helps restore the function and repair a leaky gut and reduce the damage done by external factors, plus is tastes amazing! 


If your still unsure on how to treat your kind of ACNE in-particular, you can book an ONLINE CONSULTATION with us, so we can see and chat to you and figure out your cause and trigger and how to get you on your skincare journey and recovery to acne.