Dermaplaning in a nut-shell!

What exactly is Dermaplaning?!

Dermaplaning is a physical form of skin rejuvenation, its fantastic for exfoliating any dead skin cell build up as well as safely removing peach fuzz (also known as vellus hair) without the trauma that a wax can cause- and no, it does NOT grow back any thicker or darker!

This treatment being completely safe and pain free is a fabulous way to help your skin tone and texture look much brighter and smoother, your makeup will have never looked better to- so its great before an event or even as a monthly skin treatment!

Before & After the treatment:

Prior to your treatment, you want to avoid any exfoliation as the treatment will include a gentle peel to assist and enhance the dermaplaning treatment and avoid any very active ingredients (Vit A/C)

Post treatment your skin will be looking nice and flushed, some erythema (redness) to the skin is to be expected, it will be feeling so smooth, but to try avoid touching and picking your skin for as long as possible! You may experience some dryness and flaking post treatment so we suggest to keep hydration levels up (externally, so applying your moisturizer) and your skin will recover after a few days! Dermaplaning is safe to perform within 2 weeks on the treatment, and depending on the hair growth 2-4 weeks between treatments is ideal!

Benefits of Dermaplaing: 

  1. Improves skin texture.
  2. Eliminates vellus hair and dead skin cells. 
  3. Increases product absorption and efficacy (products work better).
  4. Promotes cellular proliferation (your anti aging BFF.)
  5. Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  6. Lessen acne occurrence.
  7. Makeup application is smooth and flawless. 
  8. No down time. (You can schedule this at lunch - seriously.)
  9. Brightens skin and reduces hyperpigmentation. 
  10. Great alternative for those with sensitive skin or rosacea. 
  11. Safe for all skin types.

You can book your dermaplaning session in clinic HERE: