Getting ready to GLOW

This time of year, just before the UV rays start getting higher, the longer, sunny days are fast approaching (bring it on!) but, are you making the most of the winter months?

In the cooler months we seam to go somewhat into hibernation, I mean isolation and social distancing hasnt 100% been the only factor in hibernating, am I right? We are not feeling as fab as usual, and the cooler days and nights arnt overly motivating to go out or do much!

How your skin can benefit from this?

This is the time to get your skin perfected before the more social, summer months! Treating that deep pigment, intensive anti-age resurfacing or skin tightening is the way to-go this time of year!

While these treatments are associated with more down time and possible flaking and skin shedding, while you can afford to have a little more down-time then the busy social season- the sun is also not at its strongest so its more effective allowing your skin to heal completely.