Combatting Pigmentation

Combatting Pigment!

You may have heard names like Melasma, Chloasma, Ephelides (freckles), solar lentigines (sun spots) post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) or hyperpigmentation. When it comes to pigmentation these conditions are all due to an increase/overproduction in melanin. Melanin is our natural pigment that gives colour to our skin.

Pigmentation is the discolouration or darkening on the skin which may appear 'muddy', spotty or uneven in tone and texture. 

There are many causes of pigmentation and while it can be stubborn to treat not only using SPF can contribute to pigmentation and discolouration on the skin! Certain factors such as environmental damage, sun exposure, age, hormonal influences, medications, immunological conditions, free radical damage, essential oils and fragrances applied directly to the skin with UV exposures, inflammation, trauma, stimulation and even HEAT itself can cause and contribute to pigmentation....

If this sounds familiar, your objective is to lighten and brighten the skin, while preventing further sun damage and remove superficial pigment, we love:


Simply Brilliant: Used daily to stop pigmentation in its tracks, this serum is a must have for all pigmentation and all skin types for that matter, especially great for an oily skin. Brightening, exfoliating and firming with the added benefit of antioxidants. Free of Arbutin and Hydroquinone (Not advised for pregnant or lactating mums)

Triple C: For an ageing, sun damaged, sluggish skin, this little gem has a blend of 3 unique stabilized vitamin Cs and peptides. Great for all skins to brighten, stimulate collagen, be used as a strong antioxidant and to reduce discolouration on stubborn pigment! 

Define: A blend of AHA's and Vitamin A to remove dead cell build up and superficial pigment, while encouraging cell turnover, revealing a smoother more even toned skin helping to refine and prevent fine line. Great 2/1 as it exfoliates and renews the skin, suitable for all skins except sensitive (or pregnancy)

 While keeping our pigmentation under control daily, we still need our weekly at home treatments, we love:

Glow Mask: Sleuthing off superficial pigment, this beautiful bamboo infused mask, not only exfoliating but hydrating, leaving the skin refined and helping remove that topical layer of discolouration which adding in additional hydration and protection perfecting the texture and clarity of the skin. Suitable for all skin types

Pure Enzymes: Polish away dull surface cells that contribute to an uneven skin tone and texture, leaving a softer more luminous skin! Bringing a great 'flushing' action forward this is a fabulous weekly detoxify treatment and intensive exfoliation great for oily and thickened sun damaged skins.

AND of course...

Sun Protection! 

This is non-negotiable if pigment is a factor!

Having many available especially for those who are typical SPF haters, the smell, constancy and feeling of a 'traditional SPF' is enough to put anyone off and the thought of potential breakouts? Yeh - no thanks! Our sun protections are non-comodogemic so they do not break the skin out, super light weight and not thick or smelly! Have a look and see what one appeals best for you!