Internal Health with JSHealth Vitamins

We believe at Cove that we need to address internal conditions that effect the skin just as much as external factors that you can visibly see on the skin 


This is why we LOVE the JS range, all natural without any nasties formulated in them.


A run down of the Vitamins we stock and what they do helping you decide which one is for you!


👉🏻Hair & Energy- Promotes healthy hair growth and prevents damage to hair, therapeutically sourced iodine to support the body providing a natural boost of energy


👉🏻Skin & Digestion- The secret to glowing, healthy skin! Zinc supports skin healing and inflammation to reduce breakouts or acne while Vitamin C supports the connective tissue health while fighting free radicals that impact the skin in a negative way(think breakouts, premature ageing) this paired with the Triple Omega Fish Oils for the skin and inflammatory conditions like excess and dermatitis is a powerful duo!


👉🏻Detox & Debloat- Providing liver support, helping to detox the liver from the ‘liver loaders’ I’ve often spoken about (caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, sugars etc.) when the liver functions properly it reduces bloating and discomfort


👉🏻Anxiety & Stress- With adaptogens and calming herbs to stabalise and support mental function when feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. Helping your body adapt to stress and reducing feelings of ‘overwhelm’ if your a stressed this one is essential!


👉🏻Hormone & PMS Support- These reduce symptoms and pain associated with PMS, so mood support, irritability and reducing sugar cravings while calming the nervous system and supporting healthy bodily functions


👉🏻Gut Health- Probiotics for gut health! Assisting in providing the best bacteria for your gut health to improve digestive support and boost your immune system.


👉🏻PM& Sleep Support- A blend for recovery and sleep to support you waking up feeling refreshed and energised! Cant turn your mind off at night? This is a good one for you!


👉🏻Triple Omega Fish Oil- Sustabibly sourced, omega essential fatty acids provides mental and emotional support while reducing joint  pain, skin health, inflammation and SO much more! Everyone should be taking these daily!


👉🏻Immune + - this immune boosting formula is designed to support and protect! Fighting germs and colds to prevent getting sick while maintaining a healthy immune system


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