Our Skin Philosophy

At Cove we believe that no two skins are the same, what works for one may not work for another. We like to analyse and address each client and concern accordingly, changing up and increasing gradually to consistently improve and be in the best skin of your life!

We use an easy 4 step process to ensure your are in the best skin of your life.

1- Consultation: A one on one session where all aspects of your skincare routine and goals are assessed from all aspects. Provided an at home prescription and in-clinic plan to effectively achieve your skin care goals! We also do an Observ Skin Scan to effectively look within your skin to effectively treat all aspects and concerns.

2- Strengthen the skin: Onto the skin goals now- we need to commence a series of skin strengthening treatments (Oxygen Therapy/ Omnilux) to prepare and build up the strength and tolerance of the skin, building the foundation of the skin!

3- We re-assess, treat accordingly and prescribe. We are on the way to healthy- makeup free, glowing skin. Depending on your initial concerns at this point treatments/ strengths will increase and there will be some amazing changes happening!

4- Maintain! We need to keep results up, consistently improve and refine the skin at its restored and rejuvenated state for further improvement and longevity